Saturday, 6 April 2013

March Favourites 2013

It’s that time of month again when everyone says ‘omg where has the month gone?!’
Well no seriously, where has the month gone? I guess I just don’t like this time of year because it means it’s the end of my university semester and means only one thing, coursework and exams :(! This also explains my lack of posts recently as I have just been buried in all my work, so apologies!
But.. I have managed to peel myself away and have a little breather and here are the products I have been enjoying this month :)!

Urban Decay Naked Palette 

I have mentioned this palette before in my ‘How To: Gold Smokey Eyes and Plum Lips’ post. This is my go to palette at the moment as it has all the colours I want to use which is convenient. The colours are super pigmented and are also really easy to blend which is a must! Love love love this palette as you can create a lot of different looks with the colours.   

MAC Rebel Lipstick

If you have me on Instagram you will know that I am loving this lipstick! Ever since I bought it last summer I have been wearing it at least once a week. I feel that it compliments my skin tone well and the shade of the colour is versatile depending on how many layers you apply and how heavy. The finish is Satin which is nice to apply to the lips as it is neither drying nor too creamy. 

Effaclar Duo & AI

These two products were mentioned in my ‘February Favourites’ which means they must be doing something good. I have really felt a difference since using these two La Roche-Posay products; I am not breaking out as much as I use to and for me the Effaclar A.I is really good for treating spots. Escentual are still selling La Roche-Posay products at a discounted price so make sure you check them out before the offer ends. 


I have read about this cream on a few blogs and thought I would give it a go. My father went on a business trip to France so I asked him to pick up some Bioderma H20 cleanser and also the Embryolisse 24 Hour MiracleCream as they are cheaper in French Pharmacys compared to the UK. I have been using this as my morning moisturiser and only using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar duo at night. This cream is seriously amazing! It’s like a 2-in-1, it’s a primer as well as a moisturiser. My skin feels amazing after I apply it and also makes my foundation look flawless over it. I have had a lot of people tell me my skin has been looking good and for once I can actually say it’s my moisturiser! I am able to wear less foundation now as it makes my skin look and feel good! Also I don’t know if it just me but the cream always stays quite chilled which may be due to the packaging, so when I apply it to my face in the morning it feels really refreshing! 

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating Lip Cream

I have started to reuse this product as it was neglected and lost for a while due to its size. I really enjoy using this as the product once squeezed out is more like a cream rather than a gel formulation. It glides on really smoothly and makes your lips tingle, a little bit like Carmex does. A word of advice, when applying you need to remember that it comes out white until rubbed in well. I found out the hard way, walking around for 5 minutes with white lips until I looked in a mirror *doh*! However I do assure you it does become clear after blending in. The product has a minty fragrance which I was a bit put off by at first but it does not bother me anymore. This moisturiser does what it says on the tin (tube) and leaves my lips flake free, smooth and definitely moisturised. Also a bonus is that it has SPF 10!

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

When I first purchased this cream I hated it with a passion as I couldn’t stand the smell! My hands get ridiculously dry in the cold and trust me it has been outrageously cold recently so I thought I would have a crack at it! It comes out as a green thick cream which blends into the hands very easily and moisturises really well. As I can’t stand the smell but love the product I lather my hands with it at night, so that I can wake up to lovely soft moisturised hands. I have seen the rose hand cream online but I just don’t feel it will live up to the quality of the hemp hand protector. 

Sugar Crush Bath and Body Shower Foam & Body Scrub

Sugar Crush Bath and Body Shower Foam & Body Scrub
They smell B E A U T  I F U L! They remind me of the green lime Starburst *mouth waters*. The body wash is just so yummy that I want to eat it all up! It leaves my skin feeling really soft and the smell also lingers. The body scrub is just as gorgeous as the body wash and it exfoliates my skin very well and also leaves my skin feeling even softer. I think my next soap and glory purchase will need to be the sugar crush body butter cream as I just want to smell like a lime Starburst all the time :p. 

Have you tried any of these products? 

What were your March favourites?

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